We are breeders of Jumbo quail and Italian laying quail. These are the large commercial, dual purpose meat and egg bird.

To complement our clients needs we also breed free range laying chickens like the Rhode Island Red and Potch Koekoek. The well known Buff Orpington and Australorp - Blue, White, Lavender & Black. An important part of our business too!

We are able to freight these birds, fertile eggs, our incubators, brooders and other products safely and economically to most cities in South Africa and neighbouring countries.


 We breed and supply...

  • 8 Different species of laying chicken
  • Various quail species
  • Fertile quail eggs and fertile chicken eggs
  • Incubators – Imported and manufactured by ourselves
  • Brooders – DIY, Econo and Advanced
  • Incubators – Automatic & Semi automatic
  • HatchPac
  • Nesting boxes & cages.
  • Feeders & water fonts
  • Medication, disinfectants & supplements
  • Laying lights


Bush Cage


Our popular Bush Cages and our breeding coops are designed to be moved around outside allowing the birds access to the sun, grass & soil. The soil they bath in. Which both cools them and helps reduce external parasites. They also eat the soil which helps grind the feed in their crops & aids digestion. It also supplies trace elements & nutrients in their natural form. We, unlike most breeders, use fresh soil, instead of wood shavings in the brooders for the newly hatched chicks. We also make regular use of various supplements and feed them additional greens & Lucerne from a young age.

These guinea fowl comedians of the bush, make the most wonderful tame companions and integrate easily with people and other animals. They are also available from us.

We manufacture attachments on order, such as quail egg trays, and other enhancements for both our automatic & semi automatic incubators



Our fully automatic digital incubator holding 48 chicken eggs. Fitted with alarm & day countdown.

A power saver – drawing only 80 watts of current!

Our price R2,995-00

A StressPac for your hatching chicks supplied free with order !

This is probably the best value incubator on the market today!


I have always known that the natural way is the best way! At S A Quail Breeders we apply this belief throughout our business by sticking as close to the way nature does things as possible