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Automatic IncubatorAutomatic IncubatorAutomatic Incubator

                              Automatic Incubator

A feature with both the 48 egg and 96 egg incubators is the all around, clear, see through sides. You are able to see the hatching chicks without opening the lid!



Our automatic digital incubator, unlike most, have a built in alarm which sounds when temperature and / or humidity exceeds the correct settings. It is also supplied with a thick insulating cover for use with power failures!

All carry a one year gurarntee



Incubator 96 eggIncubator 96 egg



Our 48 egg and 96 egg units can run off either a 12 volt Battery or 220 volt power supply 




 12V battery and 220v mains automatic incubator12V battery and 220v mains automatic incubator



We use a reliable transport company to safely and economically deliver our incubators and other equipment most cities in South Africa








Electricity failure alarm


PowerOut protects your incubating eggs and chicks in your brooders from load shedding or Escom power outages. Available with either indoor buzzer or outdoor siren. It has many industrial applications too!

Electricity failure alarmElectricity failure alarm