Buff Orpingtons

Buff Orpington and a "friend"Buff Orpington and a "friend"The Buff is highly sought after for the serious breeder and commercial farmer to sell on the open market at prices far exceeding the average laying chicken.

A very popular bird for the home owner and private breeder to supplement the family income and for a regular supply of fresh eggs

They are relatively easy to breed but are a bit delicate as youngsters. Their hatch rate is lower than the "free range" chickens. Moralities in the first few weeks after hatching are often higher than other species.

Some of them will become broody and rear their own chickens

Bred for: Show purposes and their beauty

Egg production: – 4 to 5 per week*
Temperament: Very tame & placid fowls


I would suggest beginners start with another species of bird.

Buff CockBuff CockThe Buff is also very popular in the rural areas. By adding them to their existing flocks results in a very big and colourfull chicken which not only lays larger eggs but becomes a hardy disease resistant free range breeding chicken.

The old laid out birds fetch a very high price due to their size. They make tame and interesting pets if time is spent with them. They will eat out of the hand and come when called too.

Buff Orpingtons are perfectly at home with people and any animal that is not aggressive toward them!